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The Perfect Sales Pitch Mastermind

Premium Package

Join Razvan's Inner Circle & Experience our 1-Week Total Transformation where we help you increase your profits by re-positioning your offer in 3 days, we set up your entire business infrastructure and get you ready to close high-ticket deals in 1 week! This package is for coaches and marketers that want to work with Razvan personally and grow to 6-figures in the next 6-12 months. 

Here's What You Get With This Package

  • Unlimited Access To TPSP Training Program (Value $4,997)

  • Unlimited Access To All The Future Updates (Value $3,997)

  • Full Year Access To The Private FB Mastermind Group (Value $4,997)

  • Full Year Access To The Weekly Coaching Sessions (Value $8,000)

  • Full Year Access To Daily Support 5 Days A Week (Value $4,997)

  • 2 x 1on1 Coaching Sessions with Razvan (Value $3,000)

  • Full Year Access To The Weekly Group Coaching Library Replays (Value $2,997)

  • Exclusive Services & Unique Experiences

    72 Hour Grand-Master Offer Accelerator Program D4Y & DWY (Value $15,000)

    We will help you increase your profits by creating your Grand-Master Offer ourselves. We will put your offer together and get you ready to start cashing in high-ticket deals in 3 days. 

    2-Hour Millionaire Infrastructure Growth Program D4Y (Value = $5,000)

    We will set up your entire business infrastructure in under 2 hours and show you how to identify the buyers so you then only need to plug-and-play the action plan we'll give you and start banking in juicy high-ticket deals. 

    NOTE: 1 out of 100 000 people eventually get this right during their organic career. You will be the 1 and we set up everything for you… so that you only need to collect the money.

    6F Leader 6-Hour Instant Authority Transformation Program DWY (Value = $10,000)

    On average people need 6 to 8 months to become an authority online and to be able to start closing high-ticket deals and collect juicy commissions (some never even get there). In this package we'll get you there in 1 week! 

    This is our 1-Week Total Transformation Experience where we have found a way to compress 6 months of hard work and struggle into 1 week of total transformation and results. 

    Those people that get there usually spend a lot of time figuring things out and tons of money to get there. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the average wage in 2021 was $53,490 per year meaning $4,450 per month. 

    You could save 6 months of sweat and money (6 x $4,450 = $26,700) by experiencing our exclusive 1-Week Total Transformation Program. 

    This is a unique experience in the entire market and you won't find this anywhere else, but with us. 

    1-Hour Wall Street Wolf Newbie-To-Expert Sales Transformation DWY (Value = $4,000)

    Razvan is going to analyze 4 of your sales conversations and turn you into a sales expert in 1 hour with our Wall Street Wolf Newbie-To-Expert Program. 

    1% Billionaire Secrets Inner Circle Private Access (Value $25,000)

    Personal access to Razvan for 3 months with text and voice messages where you can discuss everything that is on your heart to speed up your results: questions, challenges, personal matters, etc. 

    Exclusive Bonuses

    • BONUS #1: Grand-Master Offer Training Access (Value = $5,000)

      You will get lifetime access to one of the most comprehensive trainings about offer creation on the whole internet. 

    • BONUS #2: 1 Move Millionaire Brand Positioning (Value = $2,000)

      You'll get access to the Millionaire Business Infrastructure where you'll learn step-by-step how to create your entire business infrastructure, get people into your eco-system and identify the buyers. 

    • BONUS #3: 1 Day Content Expert Training (Value = $1,000)

      You'll get instant access to multiple content templates for each of the 5 content types that exist out there and we'll speed up your learning process and turn you into a content expert in 1 day. 

    • BONUS #4: Sales Expert Communication Booster (Value = $2,000)

      You will get access to live sales conversations from Razvan where you will see how he communicates with his prospects on calls, how he sells to them and how he closes the deals. After watching these recordings you'll know exactly what to say in each conversation and how to frame them. 

    • BONUS #5: Unbreakable-Character Motivational Audio (Value = $1,000)

      You will get access to a 16min Motivational Podcast from Razvan where he'll boost up your confidence and get you fired up every time you feel down and powerless. 

    • BONUS #6: 5 Minute Checklist To Make Money on FB (Value = $1,000)

      People don't make sales instantly because they don't know what to do first. They get overwhelmed with information and they focus on the wrong things. We are going to share with you here every step that you need to take in exact order to make sure you'll get results fast. 

    Total Value Of This Package is $103,485...

    And You Can Access It Today For Only $12,497 $9,997 $7,497 (SAVE $5,000)


    And I'll show you how to do this again and again and again... and you can keep everything you make on top.

    And we both know that this package right here is a steal deal and that you won't find this anywhere else online. 

    It took me 10 years of experience in sales & thousands of dollars to learn, try, succeed, battle test and create this rare & unique coaching program which has been a success for the last 3 years in a row and we have many more years in front of us.  

    During these years we have worked with hundreds of people and we have noticed that those people that tend to get the best results are those that are fully determined and that are able to take fast decisions and move forward fast.

    If you don't consider yourself fully determined and driven to change your life and achieve your goals, then that's all right. There are many other coaches out there that would do anything for a new client. 

    But if you are determined and driven to achieve your dream lifestyle and generate a full-time income online and you want to work with the best in the industry to make sure you will achieve your goals, then joining our coaching program is the best choice for that.

    Click the button below to apply for a spot to work with us and after we'll receive your application we'll get in touch with you. 

     - Razvan Chirodea 


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