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The Perfect Sales Pitch

How To Consistently Get New Clients With Organic Marketing & Influence People To Buy Your Product

Discover Once And For All How To Attract Buyers Through Organic Marketing & Create Predictable Growth In Your Online Business

After 8 years of experience in sales and over thousands of dollars invested in my education, I finally discovered how to attract buyers like bees to honey & how to make consistent sales in my online business with organic marketing... 

And for the first time, I think it's the moment to finally reveal this publicly! 

My name is Razvan Chirodea and I'm the founder of Razvan Chirodea Academy. 

One thing that I understood early in my business, is that if I can't create predictable growth in my online business & make consistent and predictable sales online, then my dream of quitting my job and living life on my terms will be something I'll story tell my children before bed time. 

And if you are on this page, it tells me that you are interested to learning how to generate consistent results in your online business & attract ready-to-buy prospects to you with organic marketing without chasing people in every group on FB and everywhere else on social media. 

And if that's right, then you are in the right place. 

Outlined below is everything you need to know about The Perfect Sales Pitch and how you can learn next level marketing and selling skills to generate consistent results in your online business. 

If you are the type of person who wants done-for-you systems or press-a-button-and-make-money-quick systems, then you can leave this page right now because I can't help you. 

But if you are the type of person who wants to build a sustainable online business and learn the hidden secrets of attraction marketing & how to make consistent sales with organic strategies, then you are in the right place. 

There are 5 pillars you need to understand in order to build a sustainable online business and there are 4 essential questions you need to be able to give clear answers to, if you want to attract buyers to you & make consistent sales online. 

And this is exactly what I teach in my coaching program. 

In The Perfect Sales Pitch Mastermind you'll get access to a complete step-by-step roadmap on how to generate predictable growth in your online business and make consistent sales with organic marketing without chasing people all-day-long and spending the entire day in dead-end Messenger conversations. 

If that sounds like a good fit for you, then check out this page below, meet my students, see the results they got, find out all the details about my coaching program and then decide if it's the right fit for you. 

And if it is, I'm looking forward to see you inside the private mastermind today. 

Razvan Chirodea 

Here Are Some Results My Students Have Produced...

Dominiko O.

"I can't thank Razvan enough for the support he has given me since I started my online business! Razvan showed me what things I need to focus on, he put me in the right mindset, he gave me an action plan and he helped me to be very clear on what I need to do in order to get results in my business." 

Rudolfs S.

"I've been trying to make money online since 2016 and nothing really was significant. I did different things, but nothing really worked. After I meet Razvan and started working with him as my mentor, I literally made my 1st HT commission after 1 week of working together."

Karen L.

"After only 3 coaching sessions with Razvan, I made 3 consistent high-ticket sales of $1,000 each, generating $3,000 online within a period of 11 days. Razvan has helped me to find the right FB groups with hot buyers and we created a clear plan on how to get new clients from those groups."

After the first 3 coaching sessions with Karen, where she generated $3,000 in 11 days online, we had the next 3 coaching sessions and she was able to make 2 HT sales in 1 day, generating $2,000 online that day!

Rajvir K.

Raj has joined TPSP Mastermind at the beginning of September 2021 and in mid October she has already made a sale that generated her $1.400 in commissions within our affiliate program. 

Here Are Some Results I Have Produced...

And The Best Part Comes Now... 

To make consistent sales online is one thing, but when you are able to create content that attracts qualified and ready-to-buy prospects to you and make people raise their hand without spending hours on adding friends in FB groups and on having dead-end conversations in Messenger, then you'll always be a step ahead of the market!  

Now I Want To Make This Abundantly Clear... 

I know that you have been at least through one program before that promised you results and a lot of money, but nothing happened. 

You bought the course, you went through the entire training, you watched all the videos until the end... only to find yourself overwhelmed, confused and without directions. 

Because this is what most programs do! 

They provide a lot of knowledge and information, but without directions! 

They are like giving you a backpack, a flashlight and some food... and throw you in the middle of a jungle and tell you "thanks for joining us, but now you have to find the exit alone... without any map!" 

Isn't that really how it usually happens?

I've been in your shoes as well and I know that's true!

And this is why I made sure this won't happen in my coaching program. You will never feel alone, nor needing to figure everything out by yourself here with us. 

I know you might say now, that you have already spent a lot of money on other trainings and programs and that you won't invest any money no more, until you make some money first! 

Now something between the two of us... "How long have you been trying to get results in your business, with little to zero success? Maybe few months... or even a year?"

"Do you really believe that if you keep doing what you did until now, you will get different results?" 

We both know the answer to that. 

And if we keep it real... the only way you'll actually be able to achieve your goals in your online business, like: quitting your full-time job, living life on your terms, having more time for yourself and your family and becoming financially independent... 

Is by being able to generate consistent and predictable results! 

The #1 priority of a business owner is to get new clients and generate revenue for his/her business. 

And in order to do that, you can't keep guessing about where you next client will come from, but you need to be able to generate money on demand and know exactly where your next clients will come from and how you will get them. 

And now... you can either find a million excuses to tell yourself every morning before you go to your job on why you didn't succeed online or you can keep fighting for your dreams and don't stop until you make them your reality. 

And if you are determined to make your dreams a reality, then I can support you with that! 

And if you allow me to help you, then I'm ready to teach you next level marketing & selling skills and show you how to make consistent sales & get new clients in your online business using organic marketing...

And how to attract hot buyers & generate money on demand. 

Introducing to you The Perfect Sales Pitch! 

Here Are All The Details About The Perfect Sales Pitch Mastermind

Next Level Marketing & Selling Skills To Make Consistent Sales & Attract Hot Buyers With Organic Marketing Working Less Than 4-Hours A Day

What is TPSP?

The Perfect Sales Pitch is an exclusive sales & marketing coaching program with trainings, weekly zoom calls & 1on1 coaching sessions that comes together with a members only mastermind community. It shows you how to make consistent sales and get new clients using proven organic marketing strategies, helping you to create predictable growth in your online business with less than 4-hours a day. 

How is TPSP delivered?

The Perfect Sales Pitch consists of online video trainings, resources, weekly zoom coaching sessions, 1on1 coaching sessions and a private mastermind community.

Who is TPSP for?

The Perfect Sales Pitch is for affiliate marketers, network marketers, coaches or course creators who want to learn how to get new clients organically and build predictable growth in their online business with working less than 4-hours a day. It teaches next level marketing & selling skills and it works for everyone regardless of previous knowledge or experience.

Why was TPSP created?

The Perfect Sales Pitch was created because there is nothing that shows aspiring affiliates, networkers, coaches and course creators how to create predictable growth in their businesses and make consistent sales using organic marketing in order to achieve their goals.

Our goal is not just to help you make 1 or 2 sales here and there, but to arm you with the skills, tools and mindset required to make consistent sales and get new clients using a proven roadmap.

The Perfect Sales Pitch Content & Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals

  • Lesson 1: Fundamentals for Success

    Session 1 - Personal Identity Audie

    Session 2 - The Locus of Control

    Session 3 - Reaching Your Full Potential

    Session 4 - What Really Drive Results

    Session 5 - Essential Pillars To Sustainable Success

  • Lesson 2: Fundamentals for Getting Clients

    Session 1 - The 4 Questions to Getting New Clients

    Session 2 - Defining Your Client Avatar

    Session 3 - Positioning & Why This Is Key

    Session 4 - Fundamentals of Marketing

  • Lesson 3: $10K Months with 3-4 Hours a Day

    Session 1 - How To Generate 10K Months with 3-4 Hours a Day

    Session 2 - TPSP Roadmap to Consistent Sales

Module 2: Lead-Generation & Marketing

  • Lesson 1: Getting Qualified Traffic

    Session 1 - Your Real Problem Is Not Traffic

    Session 2 - The Basics of Getting Traffic

  • Lesson 2: How To Craft Content That Sells

    Session 1 - Crafting Powerful Marketing Messages

    Session 2 - Sales Processes In Your Marketing

Module 3: Selling & Closing the Deal

  • Lesson 1: The Mindset of Successful Sales

    Session 1 - How To Approach Every Sale

    Session 2 - What Are The Goals

    Session 3 - The Closing Mindset

  • Lesson 2: The Key To Successful Sales

    Session 1 - Selling is Communication

    Session 2 - TPSP Framework

  • Lesson 3: Improving Your Communication

    Session 1 - How To Influence People & Convince Them To Buy

Module 4: A Real Business

  • Lesson 1: Creating Predictable Results

    Session 1 - The Only Way To Create Predictability

    Session 2 - Why You Need To Do This In Your Business

  • Lesson 2: Creating Systems In Your Business

    Session 1 - Why You Need These In Your Business

    Session 2 - Automation, Organization & Outsourcing

  • Lesson 3: How To Get Things Done

    Session 1 - Normal People's Calendar vs. High-Performers

    Session 2 - Time Management

    Session 3 - The Power of Having a Morning Routine

    Session 4 - Removing Distractions & Follow The Plan

    Session 5 - Keep Yourself Accountable

Module FB: TPSP Facebook Extension

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Facebook

    Session 1 - Facebook Profile Optimization

    Session 2 - The Perfect FB Groups & X Types of Audiences

    Session 3 - Explaining Outreach vs. Attraction Marketing

  • Lesson 2: TPSP Roadmap To Consistent Sales

    Session 1 - DMO's & Connecting with The Right People

    Session 2 - Content 101 & How To Become An Expert

    Session 3 - Copywriting 101 & Content Ideas

    Session 4 - The Structure of a Perfect Content

    Session 5 - The A - Z Roadmap To Consistent Sales with TPSP

  • Lesson 3: Closing Deals on Facebook

    Session 1 - TPSP Framework Questions & Transitions

  • Lesson 4: Facebook Time Management

    Session 1 - Facebook Under 4-Hours A Day

TPSP Premium Trainings

  • Premium Bonus 1

    Offer Creation: How To Create Offers That Sell

Here's What Some Of My Students Say About Me

Karen L.

Made $5,000 after 6 coaching sessions with me!

Rudolfs S.

Struggling for 4 years alone, he had his breakthrough after 1 week working with me!

Jeff C.

He needed clarity and focus and I was there to give him that!

Angela D.

"Razvan's guidance, mentorship and determination to make sure that you're succeeding will help out any person."

Maxwell C.

"Razvan's teachings are tremendous! I joined a lot of other programs and I literally haven't seen anyone else walk you through the sales process as Razvan does."

Maja L.

"Razvan has helped me to close multiple sales and has taught me a lot about the psychology behind content creations and sales processes."

Why I Created TPSP & What Is My Purpose With It

If you have been online for a while, you probably couldn't miss the fact that there are soo many programs on the marketplace. Some are even very successful, but their students themselves are still struggling. 

And one reason why 99% of people online never make a dollar, it is because they are lacking education on marketing & sales. They simply don't know how to make someone interested in their product and then how to turn that person into a client. 

And because there are a bunch of courses out there and their creators are very hard to reach personally, I saw that what people need the most in order to succeed, is a personal touch with the community and with the creators. 

And that's why I created TPSP, because I wanted to bring some light on the most important aspect of every business, which is how to make consistent sales & get new clients and I wanted to provide exclusive & unique resources on the most important skills to achieve that, which is marketing & sales. 

That's why TPSP is not just another course on the internet, but we are a family, within a closed Mastermind community where we support each other, we have weekly coaching sessions on Zoom where people actually get to talk to me, Razvan, and I get to answer their questions live & I also provide 1on1 coaching sessions for a more personalized experience and a business strategy tailored to the specific situation of the student. 

This is what makes us different & unique than all the other courses on the internet. 

Here Is A Summary of Everything You'll Get Today...

The Perfect Sales Pitch Mastermind

4 Weeks Exclusive Training on Marketing & Sales

So you can learn how to get new clients consistently with organic marketing and generate money on demand with your outstanding marketing & selling skills. 

Lifetime Access To All Future Training Updates 

We are always looking to innovate & improve to help you get better results and you will get a lifetime access to all the future training updates. 

Access To TPSP Facebook Mastermind Group

So you can mastermind, connect & get support from our team and other successful students. 

Weekly Group Coaching & Mentorship Calls On Zoom

So you can get access to me & my team directly where you can ask questions live and get immediate answers back to level up your business in the coming week. 

Personalized 1on1 Coaching Sessions With Razvan

Where we look over your business and create a clear & customized strategy tailored to your business and personal situation to help you experience an exponential growth. 

Access To TPSP Members Only Affiliate Program

Where you get access to exclusive & unique training to learn how you can earn up to $1,000+ commissions for every person you refer & how to establish your expertise and build an authentic brand online. 

How You Can Join TPSP Mastermind Today

Let Us Turn You Into A Sales & Marketing Machine

    TPSP Premium Package

  • Lifetime Access To TPSP Training Program (Value = $4,997)

  • Lifetime Access To All The Future Updates (Value = $1,997)

  • Lifetime Access To The Private FB Mastermind Group (Value = $2,997)

  • UNLIMITED Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions (Value = $3,800)

  • 2 x 1on1 Coaching Sessions with Razvan (Value = $1,000)

  • Lifetime Free Access To The Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Library Replays (Value = $1,800)


  • 5 Stages Of A Successful Promo Cycle (Value = $500)

  • The Secret YouTube Formula (Value = $800)

  • A Motivational Podcast From Me (Value = $200)

The total value of this package is $18,091 and you can access it today for a one-time payment of $2,497 or a monthly payment plan of 3 x $900.

Take This Package Today

    TPSP Pro Package

  • Lifetime Access To TPSP Training Program (Value = $4,997)

  • Lifetime Access To All The Future Updates (Value = $1,997)

  • Lifetime Access To The Private FB Mastermind Group (Value = $2,997)

  • 12 x Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions (Value = $2,400)

  • NO 1on1 Coaching Sessions with Razvan (Value = $1,000)

  • Paid Access To The Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Library Replays (Value = $1,800)


  • NO 5 Stages Of A Successful Promo Cycle (Value = $500)

  • NO The Secret YouTube Formula (Value = $800)

  • A Motivational Podcast From Me (Value = $200)

The total value of this package is $12,591 and you can access it today for a one-time payment of $1,197 or a monthly payment plan of 3 x $450.

Take This Package Today

    TPSP Basic Package

  • Lifetime Access To TPSP Training Program (Value = $4,997)

  • Lifetime Access To All The Future Updates (Value = $1,997)

  • Lifetime Access To The Private FB Mastermind Group (Value = $2,997)

  • 2 x Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions (Value = $400)

  • NO 1on1 Coaching Sessions with Razvan (Value = $1,000)

  • Paid Access To The Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Library Replays (Value = $1,800)


  • NO 5 Stages Of A Successful Promo Cycle (Value = $500)

  • NO The Secret YouTube Formula (Value = $800)

  • NO Motivational Podcast From Me (Value = $200)

The total value of this package is $10,391 and you can access it today for a one-time payment of $497.

Take This Package Today


  •  1. Pick the package that fits your business the best

  • 2. Click the button below to access the package you chose

  • 3. Complete the checkout form

  • 4. You'll receive all the details then to join TPSP Mastermind

  • 5. Let us turn you into a sales & marketing machine



It took me 8+ years of experience in sales & over $10.000 to learn, try, succeed, battle test and create this rare & unique coaching program and you can get access to it today at an exclusive price. 

Don't waste your chance, but use it! Because sometimes you only get one shot to change your life & your business.

Today is this chance! Are you going to take it? 

Your Questions Answered

Will I get results if I follow your guidance?

Yes! If you are committed to make your business work, you have a healthy work ehtic and you follow our guidance, then you will get results!

How long are the coaching sessions?

The 1on1 coaching sessions are 60min long & the group coaching sessions are 60min long as well. 

Are the group coaching sessions recorded?

The group coaching sessions are recorded and they are archived in a training library. In order to get access to the library and access all the previous group coaching sessions, you need to start a subscription of $15 a week which is paid monthly. 

How much percent do affiliates get paid?

Affiliates get paid 50% for every new client they refer to us and the payouts are done 2 times a month, on the 15th and on the 30th. 

Our affiliates also get special VIP training where we show them exactly how to generate new clients in order to get paid. 

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes, my students results as well as my own. 

If you have any guaranty for me that you'll put in the work with consistency, then I also guarantee you that you'll get results. 

Can I get more coaching sessions if I need?

Yes. Everything is possible in Razvan Chirodea Academy. 

To get more coaching sessions is only a matter of communication. 

You let us know and we'll get your sessions scheduled.  

About Razvan Chirodea

Razvan Chirodea is the Founder of Razvan Chirodea Academy, which is dedicated to aspiring and driven entrepreneurs who want to learn about online marketing, professional development and business education. 

He started in sales in 2013 with network marketing and in 2019 he transitioned into online marketing with high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

He quit his full-time job within 4 months in 2020 and has successfully leveraged his knowledge and skills to create his Academy and provide exclusive and rare information & trainings to help his students achieve their goals. 

His why is to exponentially impact the lives of people around him and his goal with his Academy is to help as many people as possible to turn their dreams into success stories. 

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