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The Perfect Sales Pitch

Learn The Fundamentals of Getting Consistent Clients & Generating $10K Months with 3-4 Hours a Day using Free Social Media Traffic

This Is Why You Are Not Making Sales With Organic Marketing:

After 8 years of experience in sales and over thousands of dollars invested in my education, I finally discovered how to attract buyers like bees to honey & make consistent sales in my online business with organic marketing.

And for the first time, I decided to finally reveal this publicly for a price that people feel stupid to say "no" to. 

My name is Razvan Chirodea and I'm the founder of Razvan Chirodea Academy. 

I know the ups and the downs of organic marketing and if you have the feeling that you are spending too much time on content creation, tasks and dead-end conversations and you're not making any sales, I'm here to tell you that your feelings might be right and that you're doing something wrong. 

But before we jump into the cool stuff, where I show you how to scale to $10K months with 3-4 hours a day and make consistent sales, I want you to know that there is one aspect that is totally neglected in the online space today and that this is the most important place to start with, and that is YOU!

After we dealt with that, it's time to get into the cool stuff where you actually start to make money. But for that, we need to clarify some things first and that is: WHAT DO YOU SELL, WHO ARE YOU SELLING TO, WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE PEOPLE & HOW ARE YOU GONNA SELL TO THEM. 

There is an entire science behind identifying your potential customers and it would take me probably a week or two to write down all these things...

That's why, I though it would be better to teach you these things personally and give you access to all the answers of these questions. 

And besides that, I also thought it would be relevant for your business if I would give you access to my step-by-step "Roadmap" to making consistent sales and teach you what are the income generating activities you have to focus on in order to get consistent results. 

Would you like to get access to that?

If yes, then I'm introducing to you "The Perfect Sales Pitch Fundamentals"!

But before we jump into that, let me show you first what some of my students are saying about it:

Students Testimonials

Here Are Some Results My Students Have Produced...

Dominiko O.

"I can't thank Razvan enough for the support he has given me since I started my online business! Razvan showed me what things I need to focus on, he put me in the right mindset, he gave me an action plan and he helped me to be very clear on what I need to do in order to get results in my business." 

Rudolfs S.

"I've been trying to make money online since 2016 and nothing really was significant. I did different things, but nothing really worked. After I meet Razvan and started working with him as my mentor, I literally made my 1st HT commission after 1 week of working together."

Karen L.

"After only 3 coaching sessions with Razvan, I made 3 consistent high-ticket sales of $1,000 each, generating $3,000 online within a period of 11 days. Razvan has helped me to find the right FB groups with hot buyers and we created a clear plan on how to get new clients from those groups."

After the first 3 coaching sessions with Karen, where she generated $3,000 in 11 days online, we had the next 3 coaching sessions and she was able to make 2 HT sales in 1 day, generating $2,000 online that day!

Rajvir K.

Raj has joined TPSP Mastermind at the beginning of September 2021 and in mid October she has already made a sale that generated her $1.400 in commissions within our affiliate program. 

Here Are Some Results I Have Produced...

Introducing The Perfect Sales Pitch Fundamentals

Content & Outline

  • Lesson 1: Fundamentals for Success

    Session 1 - Personal Identity Audie

    Session 2 - The Locus of Control

    Session 3 - Reaching Your Full Potential

    Session 4 - What Really Drive Results

    Session 5 - Essential Pillars To Sustainable Success

  • Lesson 2: Fundamentals for Getting Clients

    Session 1 - The 4 Questions to Getting New Clients

    Session 2 - Defining Your Client Avatar

    Session 3 - Positioning & Why This Is Key

    Session 4 - Fundamentals of Marketing

  • Lesson 3: $10K Months with 3-4 Hours a Day

    Session 1 - How To Generate 10K Months with 3-4 Hours a Day

    Session 2 - TPSP Roadmap to Consistent Sales

What You'll Learn!

Your problem is not traffic, it's qualified traffic. This is the reason you are not making sales. 

Nothing is better for closing the sale than a qualified customer who is interested in your offer and is ready to pay $5,0000 for it. 

And in order to get qualified customers, you first have to know exactly who are you looking for and then how to position your offer in order to attract your potential customer to you. 

This is exactly what you will learn in TPSP Fundamentals. 

You will also learn what is the infrastructure to generating $10K months with 3-4 hours a day & what are the income generating activities that will get you consistent results and turn you into a money making machine. 

Customer Avatar

You'll learn the 7-levels of breaking down your customer avatar and you'll receive a template for that.

Market Positioning

You'll learn how to position your brand and your product to attract your customer avatar to you.

TPSP Roadmap

You'll learn how to generate consistent sales and scale to $10K months with 3-4 hours a day.


You'll learn the fundamentals of success and the fundamentals of getting new clients.

You'll Also Get As Bonuses:

  • A 1on1 Coaching Session with Razvan
    (Value = $500)

    Where you will get a personalized business plan tailored to your goals and a clear action plan on how to get there. 

  • A Private FB Group For Daily Support
    (Value = $400)

    Where you can ask all the questions that you have and we'll provide the best support for you right away. 

  • A Motivational Podcast from Razvan
    (Value = $200)

    To listen to when you need motivation and strength to keep moving forward.

  • A Masterclass Only For TPSP Members
    (Value = $200)

    Where you'll learn how to start earning $1,000 days & generate $10K months with high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

Take This Offer Today

Only $97


Total value of this package is $4,800 and you can access it today for a one-time offer only.



  • 1. Click the button below to access the package

  • 2. Complete the checkout form

  • 3. You'll receive all the details then to join TPSP Fundamentals

  • 4. Let us turn you into a sales & marketing machine



It took me 8+ years of experience in sales & over $10.000 to learn, try, succeed, battle test and create this rare & unique coaching program and what I noticed during this time, is that the most successful people are those who are able to take fast decisions and move forward quickly.

Don't waste your chance, but use it! Because sometimes you only get one shot to change your life & your business.

Your Questions Answered

Can I become an affiliate and promote the program if I get this package?

No, you can't become an affiliate unless you upgrade and then apply for TPSP Affiliate Program. 

Who is The Perfect Sales Pitch for?

This training is for affiliate marketers, network marketers, coaches and course creators who are struggling with making sales with organic marketing and want to learn how to consistently get new clients & influence people to buy their products with working less than 4 hours a day. 

Can I access the group coaching sessions with this package or what kind of support do I get?

No, the support you have here is the private FB group where you can ask any questions you have and 1 x 1on1 Sessions with Razvan. 

To access the weekly group coaching sessions you'd need to access TPSP Pro or TPSP Premium Package. 

Can I book more 1on1 sessions if I need?

Yes. Everything is possible in Razvan Chirodea Academy. 

Let us know what you need and we'll give our best for you to get that.

About Razvan Chirodea

Razvan Chirodea is the Founder of Razvan Chirodea Academy, which is dedicated to aspiring and driven entrepreneurs who want to learn about online marketing, professional development and business education. 

He started in sales in 2013 with network marketing and in 2019 he transitioned into online marketing with high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

He quit his full-time job within 4 months in 2020 and has successfully leveraged his knowledge and skills to create his Academy and provide exclusive and rare information & trainings to help his students achieve their goals. 

His why is to exponentially impact the lives of people around him and his goal with his Academy is to help as many people as possible to turn their dreams into success stories. 

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